Jacqueline E. Smith

Jacqueline Smith was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She attended the University of Texas at Dallas, where she earned her Bachelor's Degree in Art and Performance in 2010. Two years later, she earned her Master's Degree in Humanities.

Along with writing and publishing, Jacqueline loves photography, traveling, and nature.


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Within the Heart of Silence
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What exist Within the Heart of Silence?

Journeys to magnificient places are only a page away. Experience life through the photography of Jacqueline E. Smith and the poetry of James William Peercy. Encounter the joy of nature in stunning color. Hear the whispers of winds as they drift softly across the ear. The singing of birds brings rest. The gaze of a horse's eyes speaks to your soul. The quietness of the forest lulls you into rest. The gentle lapping of water against a beach creates currents of revelation.

What exist Within the Heart of Silence? All these things and more.

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James William Peercy

James William Peercy fell through a portal into the publishing biosphere in 2012. Previously, he had been observing his own world and recording it since the age of 10. James continued writing while attaining a degree in Computer Science, getting married, raising dogs, and starting a business. Since all worlds exist simultaneously, he has added two book series, the Cliff Fulton mystery series and the Xun Ove fantasy series. With a mind constantly moving, he devotes his downtime to writing, enjoying a bit of travel, and adoring his wife, Claudette.

If you like poetry, fantasy, sci-fi, and mystery check out his website.